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A Word Regarding Prayer Requests

The Ministry of Intercession: A Commitment to Compassion, Accuracy, and Confidentiality

All of us here at Memorial believe in the power of prayer. We turn to the Lord for hope, guidance, healing and help for ourselves and our loved ones. Out of that sincere motivation, we request that others pray with us and for us. Such requests are part of a sacred trust that cannot be taken lightly.

Memorial seeks to maintain a prayer list and provide an ongoing e-mail prayer list (also known as the “prayer chain”) in order for its members to participate in the ministry of intercession for those listed. These lists also allow members, deacons, and staff to respond with appropriate ministerial care.

At times, however, requests are submitted that are discovered to be inaccurate, or to have been shared without the knowledge or permission of the person(s) the request regarded. Out of compassionate concern for accuracy and confidentiality, I am encouraging that requests be submitted by the individual, an immediate family member, or their deacon (pending knowledge and permission by the individual). Requests submitted by friends, Sunday school class members, small group members, or other second-hand means will be verified for accuracy and privacy before being published on lists maintained by Memorial Baptist Church.

This is a praying church, and will continue to be a place and people of GRACE who are committed to prayer. That ministry, however, must be carried out with the utmost respect for the privacy and accuracy of information about those for whom we pray. I thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation with the sensitive and sacred nature of the ministry of prayer, and our attempts to take seriously the accuracy and confidentiality of those for whom we intercede.

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