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iDENTITY is our weekly Wednesday night service designed specifically for teenagers 6th-12th grade.

iDENTITY has one purpose: Helping teenagers discover who they are in God.

iDENTITY meets in room C103 from 5:30-7:00 p.m. every Wednesday night during the school year.

iDENTITY consists of watching hilarious videos, playing games/competitions like break dance competitions, celebrity impersonations, etc., we'll have practical teaching designed to help teenagers make some sense of their lives and the things they may be struggling with, and of course, the most intense game known to mankind... BAREFOOT SOCCER. Once a month we cancel our regular routine and have a party night specifically to do just that: party.

Pizza or something else delicious is served every week so please bring $3 and invite all your friends!