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Inclement Weather Plan

There's a saying around here..."If you don't like the weather, just wait an hour". Sometimes the winter season brings conditions that make coming to church a little tedious. Should conditions require us to change our worship schedule, we want you to be informed.

Decisions regarding Sunday services will be made by consensus between the Senior Pastor and ministerial staff on the morning of the weather in question. A decision will be reached by 6:45 am. Any cancellation will be publicized on the church website, KOMU TV (NBC Channel 8), and KOMU closing and cancellation website

Our inclement weather plan is as follows...


Plan A - All Go - No change to the worship schedule

Plan B - Bring Your Blanket - 10:45 service only (8:15 service, bible study and evening activities cancelled).

Plan C - Church Cancelled - All services cancelled

Weeknights and Wednesday Night

If Columbia Public Schools are cancelled or dismissed early due to inclement weather, all church programs, meetings, and activities are cancelled for that day.